Convert geographic coordinates into addresses

Geocoding uses latitude and longitude information to provide an address. An optional description of the zoom level provides information suitable for the OpenLayers room level.

See the API Key Issuance page for information on using keys.



Response Sample

    "err": null,
    "stype": 4,
    "sort": 2,
    "total": 2,
    "pno": 1,
    "cpp": 2,
    "src_type": null,
    "data_type": 0,
    "items": [
            "id": "899000300",
            "name": null,
            "name_en": null,
            "addr1": "서울 구로구 구로동 222-8",
            "addr2": "서울 구로구 디지털로30길 31",
            "cate": null,
            "cate2": null,
            "geom": "{\"type\":\"Point\",\"coordinates\":[126.896046586,37.482876299]}",
            "posx": 126.89604658558389,
            "posy": 37.48287629854469,
            "entx": 126.89560218600175,
            "enty": 37.48282074177592,
            "hassub": 0,
            "phone": null,
            "pid": null,
            "entries": null,
            "props": null,
            "dist": 3,
            "wgpt": null,
            "src": 8,
            "flg": 3,
            "addr3": "서울 구로구 구로동"

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